Welcome to the Mesoamerican Reef 
(MAR) Network

About the MAR Network

The MAR Network includes the destinations of Belize, Cozumel (MX), and Roatán (HN). 

All three destinations are aligned behind a unified vision to contribute to the sustainable development of cruise tourism destinations of the MAR. 


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The MAR Network is a collaboration platform to achieve the regions shared vision: ​

A healthy reef and region ​


Priorities of the MAR Network

The partners of the MAR Network are currently working on completing initiatives to develop governance guidelines, reach financial sustainability, and further development of regional solutions through 4 main common projects:​


Measurement of carrying capacity & visitor management


Building of a Destination Management Organization (DMO) and Sustainable Development long-term planning in each destination 


Preservation of natural and cultural assets through education programs for visitors and locals 


Infrastructure plan (with special focus on water and sanitation) to keep destinations viable


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